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Unforgettable, life changing, mesmerizing are just a few of the words that describe Dr. Kimberly Ventus-Darks

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From left to right
-Claudia Jordan (Miss America and The Apprentice)
-Kandi Buruss-Tucker (Atlanta Housewives)
-Dr Kim
-Brandi Hunter (Real Estate Guru - Atlanta, Georgia)

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Dr Kim shares practical tips.


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Motivational Tycoon

She is a highly sought after national and international motivator where she travels to 15 cities per month speaking on her own Dr. Kim’s tour to thousands each month.

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Profound Wisdom and Intuition

She is highly regarded for her profound level of wisdom and intuition. Being a professor at local universities where she teaches students how to speak with power and confidence is also a great passion for her.

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"Motivational Tycoon"

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Advice Columnist

She is an advice columnist for magazines and newspapers throughout the country.

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Dr Kim at Seminar

"The Audience Won't Stop Talking... Guaranteed"

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A highly sought after motivator today...

Dr Kim is changing lives across the nation.

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Profoundly wise, life changing, upbeat, and highly motivating are just a few words that describe this incredible teaching series. Dr. Kim shares practical tips for individuals from all walks of life. It is designed for the confident executive, the nurturing housewife, or the exploring teenager. Regardless of who you are, this series is guaranteed to help you loosen the chains and unravel the real you.

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